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Welcome To Our Dairy

Here you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products that were proudly produced at our dairy.

About Us

Our Story

we started our journey with a small vision of providing pure ghee and pure milk in urban area of Ahmedabad, we started selling these products under our first brand name "Amar Dairy".

Small Steps

Another branch of Amar dairy opened and now we were trying to pave our way for our future and bringing more dairy products.

Significant leap for our Aim

Amar dairy changed to Karnavati Dairy, this significant change took place for several reasons, we were looking for something that has a significant brand impact over the products, since Karnavati is believed to be the first origin name of Ahmedabad and since we started our aim within this city, we are more attached towards this brand name and hence we changed it to the same.

Making future bright as milk

From high scale milk packaging and processing plant we started proper branding of products and aimed to work on higher scales within different range of dairy products reaching up to 26 places - majorly situated in Ahmedabad and some in other citifies such as palanpur, patan, dhanera, deesa, dantiwada, sanand, dholka.


Mr. Shanti Chaudhary

Owner - Karnavati Dairy

Ajmal Patel

Operation Manager

Bhavik Patel

Account Manager

Hemant Kanaojia

Business Coordinator